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Original M x M Ideas

Name: Kuro
Age: 26
LJ: I don't RP over LJ XD
Email: themagnificent.bane@gmail.com
Skype: send me a quick note over mail and I'll add you ^^
Timezone: GMT+2 (Though I'm up very late)

What you RP:Original Ideas that are mostly set in a fantastic medieval setting. My posts are generally at least like 5 or 6 lines.
Characters you RP: At the moment I'm feeling like playing a slightly androgynous submissive male (could also be underaged)
Characters you’re looking to interact with:I'm looking for a dominant character (Seme)

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:

Version 1:
The boy is an orphan who lives as a street rat, thinking that this is the only life he'll ever have. Until he has an unlucky run-in with the Knight Commander. Noticing a distinct birthmark on the boy's chest (Or somewhere else) the Knight realizes that he has found the long lost prince who had been kidnapped as a baby. He decides to take the boy with him to the capital where they meet with the King (and Queen perhaps) and where the boy is meant to learn how to a prince from that day on. - Looking for the Knight Commander

Version 2:
Alan has been living alone with his father since he could remember. They lived a solitary life in the woods and only seldom visited the nearby village. Whenever his father had a little too much wine he'd tell tales about the time of the old royal family that had been overthrown by another noble family that was now ruling in their stead. One day though, shortly after Alan's eighteenth birthday a stranger appeared and Alan found out that he wasn't his father's son but actually the Last and only Heir of the true royal family. He had been kept save until the time came that he had the right to reclaim his throne and bring back piece to the Kingdom.

[Kinks - NSFW]
Dos (appreciated but no must)
Big Cocks for the dominant ~ I love anything that's 10“ up to 20“ why RP if we can't get a bit crazy?
Blowjobs ~ giving and receiving
Deepthroat ~ I love the thought that my character can deepthroat anything with ease and even can come from getting his throat fucked
Sextoys ~ Vibrators, Buttplugs, anything you can think of
Crossdressing ~ especially together with sextoys XD
Talking ~ I get bored when they just moan and pant all the time (The only must ‘kink’)
Dirty Talk ~ Well like the talking part just a lot more kinky XD
Light BDSM ~ As long as it's to get both of them pleasure I love blindfolds, handcuffs, floggers, whips, candles and that stuff ^^

Scat & Watersport ~ no thanks
Vore ~ nope
Brutality ~ I don't like it when the Top obviously doesn't care about the bottoms feelings and just does what he wants without caring if he hurts the other
Rape ~ goes hand in hand with brutality

Dream Live 2011

Oh god this dream live kills me honestly.... I just watched around one hour and I'm already trembling XDDD

I mean hell second season Hyoutei cast singing Koori no Emperor AND Ore-sama no bigi ni boogi woogi? OH MY GOD! It's better than I had imagined XD

And I'm sooo sure that Sakaki is voiced by Kato-sama I'm so sure... probably I'm just imagining things because I want him to voice him but hell he sounds like kato... deeper of course but still it sounds like Kato ... please let it be him >.<

well wondering what the rest of the myu will show... going to continue now XD

~Story / RP Idea~

Inspired by the Phantom of the Opera

A Prince/ young noble (A) grew up wearing a mask and he was never allowed to see his own face, thus he thinks that it has to be too horrible for anybody to see.

The family of the boy gets visited by the son of a different Noble / a prince from another country. (B)

(A) idolizes him from afar until they meet in the gardens by accident.

(B) hears (A) sing and is enchanted by his voice and starts to spent time with him.

They become good friends but (B) wants more and wants to find out what's behind the mask.

(A), himself terrified of what might lie behind the mask, tells (B) that it is impossible for him to take off the mask.

Somehow (B) tricks (A) and takes off his mask. He finds out that the face isn't disfigured or anything but it has a large tattoo-like marking over his forehead and cheeks.

The Tattoo - Perhaps a curse? Perhaps the boy has been sold to a demon because of some foolishness his father had done? perhaps it's an angelc sign or just the mark of a long lost kingdom?




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